Strategic Vision Through 2020

After several years of transition, the Riley School community is settling into a new era.  Our recent and successful re-accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) prompted profound observation, reflection and re-affirmation of founding principles and mission.

The Board of Trustees used this occasion to articulate a Strategic Vision that will serve us for the next 10 years. Furthermore, Riley School Board of Trustees, faculty and families have identified short-term, mid-range and long-term goals that will support this vision.

The 2015 Strategic Vision aligns The Riley School’s educational philosophy and mission with contemporary environmental, social and community priorities while maintaining and revitalizing the founding intentions of the school.


The Riley School will provide leadership in education by:


Operating a vibrant, sustainable and progressive elementary school.

Riley is an adventure in learning. Children learn by doing, by questioning and by self-discovery. Children express themselves and build self-esteem in small integrated classes, thus developing the skills and attitudes which guide them in being lifelong learners and creative, independent thinkers.

Maintaining a healthy and growing campus.

The solar array, greenhouse and garden programs are a reflection of our respect for the natural environment and provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities in math, sciences and economics. As children make hands-on contributions to the care of the campus and the agricultural program, they realize the potential of applying their learning to the benefit of the broader community on campus and beyond.

Riley Cabbage.jpg


Providing a catalyst for all members of the community to examine and improve educational practice.

Everyone at The Riley School is both a leader and a learner.  Our teaching and learning supports inquiry, goal setting, self-reflection and self-advocacy.  This model extends to the adults in The Riley School community. Further, we will share our philosophy and practice with other schools and educators, collaborating and partnering whenever possible.