Whitney Wing Oppersdorff, Lincolnville , ME
Member Since 1977

Serving on the Personnel, Executive, Financial, and Annual Fund Committees. Whitney is currently chair and secretary of the Board.

Whitney has been involved in Riley School since the school was founded in 1972. She was one of the first two teachers that Glenna hired. She first taught art in the living room of Glenna's house and ultimately moved to the basement where the children could make a mess, work in clay, paint, paper maché, and wood. She is the former Art Director and established Art Week and Kite Day (now Kite Week). She taught art at Riley School 1972-1993. She is a past parent, long time Board member, and practicing artist in a variety of mediums. Whitney has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College where she majored in painting and an M.A. in Art History from Columbia University. As an artist she has had some success in selling her work in local galleries. Whitney's elementary education at the Brearley School in Manhattan and college experience at Sarah Lawrence fostered her interest in hands-on-learning and projects based passed on a child's interests. Riley School was the perfect place for her to teach art.

Chrisso Rheault, Cushing, ME
Member since 2018

Serving on Marketing & Development Committees

Chrisso is a life long resident of midcoast Maine whose work paths have crossed multiple fields. A graduate of the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Chrisso went on to pursue ESL certification in San Francisco and graduate degree in Education at the University of New England. An educator, Chrisso taught in SAD 28’s Horizons program before moving to Falmouth Middle School where he taught for several years.

An interest in politics lured Chrisso out of the classroom following the 2004 elections and he spent the next several years working for candidates and on issues campaigns here in Maine. Much of that work involved outreach but also included serving as treasurer for the Maine Democratic Party for five years. He also served as a board member and board chair at Tanglewood Camps in Lincolnville.

Currently Chrisso works as an historian and a writer and owns a company in Cushing which helps boat owners find the right boat and figure out how best to use and maintain their boats. His specialty are classic Maine launches and sail boats. He can occasionally be found driving a vintage European sports car.

Thomas Steele-Maley, Edgecomb, ME
Member since 2017

Thomas has been working in the field of education for 20 years. The whole time he has been fascinated with how people learn through progressive education. Thomas’s work started in the backcountry of Alaska leading teenagers on service-based experiential and environmental education programs. That work took him from Alaska to Wyoming, Utah and Florida and eventually across the US developing leadership initiatives and staff development. Since 2004 he has devoted his career to research, design, start-up projects, and leading innovative and progressive schools. He has helped start three international schools that blend progressive and future focused curricula, one in Chicago and the other two in Dubai, UAE. He currently works as an executive at GEMS Education and is responsible for foresight, research and the design of new educational ecologies.

Thomas shares his life with an incredible wife and two sons, both Riley alumnae. He lives on the coast of Maine and works globally.  Thomas is a runner, biker, avid hiker, backpacker, and boater. His deepest inspiration is derived from family and the individuals and young people he works with who are dedicated to problem-solving for our collective human futures.

Thomas holds a BA in History from University of Puget Sound, and an MA in Education from the University of Maine, where I studied under the democratic education theorists and practitioners Dr. Edward Brazee and Dr. Gert Nesin. His doctoral research (on hold) with Dr. Brazee focuses broadly on how progressive education is reshaping the future of learning.

Shelia Geoffrion, Rockport, ME
Member since 1994

Serving on the Personnel and Annual Fund Committee

Holds degrees from Florida State University with a BFA in painting and from the University of  Pennsylvania, MFA in painting. She is a landscape artist and parent of Riley alumnus, John Welliver. When not visiting her son John at his restaurant bar business in Portland, Shelia travels to Florida and Ireland to manage both of these holiday rental properties. Shelia is also involved in the management and sales of the estate of art works created by her late husband, Neil Welliver.

Rob Lawson, Rockport, ME
Member since 2012 

Serving as Board Treasurer and on the Marketing & Outreach, Finance, Development and Annual Fund Committees

Rob graduated from Earlham College and earned his MA in English from Ball Sate University. A former Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer for Maine Public Broadcasting, Rob has more than 20 years of fundraising experience. Before his fundraising career, Rob taught middle school and high school English and then worked as a Senior Editor and Writer for Simon & Schuster and for Scholarly & Specialized Publishing. A published poet, Rob served as Poetry Editor of Chrysalis (1985-2013). He continues to do freelance editing and writing consultation. Rob is President of the Bath Swedenborgian Church. 

Tony Oppersdorff, Lincolnville, Maine
Member since 2014

BA Columbia University
Serving on Development, Building & Grounds, and Annual Fund Committees

Shortly after moving to Maine in 1976, Tony realized that Riley offered him the chance to do for children what had not been done for him during his own elementary education. In 1979 he became an Upper School facilitator, helping his students to understand themselves and the world around them through science and photography. He is the author of Coastal Labrador and a co-author and principal photographer for both volumes of Best Nature Sites: Mid-Coast Maine. Working at Riley allowed him to spend many summers on extended kayaking trips along the northern coast of Labrador and to sail along the Quebec Lower North Shore and the west coast of Newfoundland. He enjoys reading, cross-country skiing, shooting, motorcycling––and more importantly his family and grandson.

Lynne Williams, J.D., Ph.D., Bar Harbor, ME
Member since 2016

Past parent, Attorney who practices law throughout the state and has an office in Bar Harbor. Lynne represents small businesses, helping them structure their business entities and develop policies and procedures for operating the business. She also practices land use law, working with her clients on land use and zoning issues as well as assisting them with leases and real estate sales. Lynne is the former chair of the Bar Harbor Planning Board, former member of the Conservation Committee and is currently a member of the Harbor Committee. She has been an adjunct professor at the College of the Atlantic, and has represented political and social activists charged with non-violent civil disobedience, as well as in civil rights lawsuits. Lynne graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law and received a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Southern California.