"Education is a process, not a product. Like a seed that you care for and nurture, you must allow children to grow and develop strong roots as their own surprising and miraculous identities unfold."

Glenna Wade Plaisted
Founder of Riley School

Founding Principles

Our founder, Glenna Wade Plaisted, 1927-2013

Our founder, Glenna Wade Plaisted, 1927-2013

The Riley School provides children with a learning environment where intellectual fulfillment, self-esteem, and responsibility for self are continually nurtured.  Each child is supported in expanding his or her creative, intellectual world through a series of coordinated, meaningful and challenging experiences that lead to academic success.

We recognize the need for our faculty to know their children well and to use wisdom, sensitivity, love and  humor to build a secure learning environment that promotes academic and personal growth.  Affection, choices, trust and mutual respect are key ingredients in nurturing a child's natural love of learning. 

We believe that the best educators continually grow and develop their skills.

At Riley, children are the central focus.  They are active participants in their learning.  In an environment where ground rules are courtesy, laughter, and genuine, meaningful engagement, the joy in learning is paramount.

Riley is not an exclusive environment, but an inclusive one which uses the diversity of its children and adults to acheive a sense of genuine community.

By putting these beliefs into practice, Riley fosters an exciting community of learners.