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Todd Martin

lower school director

Todd graduated from Franklin Pierce College with a degree in Elementary Education and Child Psychology with a concentration in Music. Todd taught in York, Maine at the Little Explorer Preschool and Kindergarten, a school which he helped to create and which grew to become the Herne Schools of Discovery. He taught at the Montclair N.J. Community Pre K where he met and was deeply influenced by Howard Gardner. Todd then taught at the Childhood Development Center at UNH, where he was influenced by Reggio Emilia and the Project Approach. He wanted to “teach” in a school where children could be children, being outdoors was part of their education, and where music could be used on a daily basis. Todd is also a Registered Maine Whitewater guide and Emergency Medical Technician. Todd found The Riley School in 2007, and is the Lower School facilitator for children ages 4 to 7. Todd is also a member of the Riley School Administrative Leadership Team.