Kristen Sawyer


Kristen was born and raised here on the coast of Maine where she has had the amazing experience of a magical childhood by the ocean. She graduated from Gordon College in Wenham, Ma with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and a concentration in Outdoor Education.  Kristen has spent time volunteering abroad, facilitating English as a Foreign language for students from preschool age through 12 grade in the Dominican Republic, and also working with a preschool and NGO working with individuals with disabilities in Peru. 

 Kristen is excited to be able to share her passion for education, Spanish language and Latin American culture with the Riley School community this year. Through facilitating the adventure of learning a new language, it is Kristen’s hope to inspire in students a life long enthusiasm for learning, to encourage curiosity and the expansion of world views, to facilitate rich experiences that evoke positive emotions, and to see personal expression and creativity flourish as students engage with one another and with a new language and culture in a meaningful, impactful way.