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Herb Cole

Language Arts and Global Studies

You have already been introduced to Herb who is rejoining us after launching his career in education at Riley from 1997–2001. He is still in touch with many of his students from that era. He has taught English, World History, US History, Art, Math, and a specialized class spent modeling how to be a citizen in our complex world. His last 7 years have been at Camden Hills High School where his references describe him as a compassionate, insightful educator with a deep understanding of the unique ways a student learns and processes information and skill in adapting to their learning styles as well as noting his ability to listen to his students and fellow teachers. 

Born and raised in Rockland, Herb attended Ohio State and returned to Maine to launch a successful photography business. He and his wife Elizabeth and are currently building a home together in Rockland. Their three sons all attended Riley.