Alicia Calder

Global Sciences

Alicia came to the field education later in life, having earned degrees from Vassar and BU where she took a Masters in International Relations/Resource and Environmental Management and has recently completed her Graduate Teacher Certification from the University of New England.

As a consultant on climate change for the EPA and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, she gained both a national and global perspective on an important real-life controversial issue. Teaching and traveling abroad has provided her with an authentic view of other nations and cultures and gives her a solid basis from which to facilitate Environmental Science and Global Studies. She has been a teacher all her life in various ways from coaching sailing to teaching English to 7th graders in the Czech Republic. Her references from the Falmouth Middle School give the highest possible recommendation and describe her as β€œAn exceptional educator with the dedication and interpersonal and communication skills to make a real difference in any school setting.” 

Alicia truly believes that we are all lifelong learners. Her classrooms have engaged learners and used role-playing, simulations, and experiential learning to make social studies come alive in the classroom. Her students reflect on their learning processes and collaborate often. Every one of her students knows what they were learning, why they are learning it, and how it applies to the world beyond the classroom.